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PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook

Entertainment and media are everybody’s business today. New technology and the resulting shifts in user behavior are blurring the lines across industries and sectors. And as they aim to reach, attract, and engage customers more effectively, businesses in a broad range of sectors are seeking to build, buy, and borrow media capabilities.

In an ongoing editorial collaboration, strategy+business teams up with PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook to broaden and deepen the conversation about the current findings. The Outlook, now in its 22nd annual edition, is a comprehensive online source of global analysis for consumer and advertising spending. With like-for-like, five-year historical, and five-year forecast data and commentary for 14 defined industry segments in 53 territories, the Outlook makes it easy to compare and contrast consumer and advertising spending across segments and territories. Find out more at


A black-and-white illustration of a woman sitting on her couch and looking at a TV screen with various characters bursting out of it.

The real value of video content

As spending on streaming content skyrockets in the media and entertainment industry, a new formula is needed to drive a sustainable return on investment.
by Kim David Greenwood, Kate Kennard, and Chris Mowry
February 21, 2022