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A photo of a bridge with a missing section.

Closing the agile achievement gap

Despite the wide adoption of agile across industries and functions, most companies are barely scratching the surface of its vast potential. Business leaders can change the game by paying careful attention to seven mission-critical factors.
by Gagan Prakash and Matthew Siegel
January 6, 2022
A continuous black line against a white background forms the shape of a hand.

Leaders need to be good writers, too

Being an effective manager requires strong communication skills, including writing. A few tips can help you avoid common traps and raise your game.

by Adam Bryant
January 5, 2022
Illustration of surveillance cameras pointed at a man

Micromanagement is not the answer

Over-monitoring employees can sink productivity and engagement. Here are three better ways to get results.

by Eric J. McNulty
January 3, 2022