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ESG by PwC

ESG by by PwC
Businesses can no longer afford to ignore environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Consumers, employees, and investors are demanding that companies do more than simply check a regulatory box—they want businesses to make sustainable improvements for the good of the environment and society. Meeting stakeholders’ growing ESG demands and expectations will require new ways of thinking, and companies will need to make changes across all dimensions of the organization: from making strategic choices to implementing the new direction to reporting progress and outcomes. To learn more about the opportunities for rethinking and reconfiguring, visit PwC’s ESG page.


An illustration of people walking up a yellow line graph. The bottom of the graph is in dark clouds, which dissipate as the graph ascends.

A rising tide of green capital

Our systems need to channel the rising levels of climate-tech investment into the areas with the greatest potential for decarbonization.

by Emma Cox, Leo Johnson, and Denise Chan
January 24, 2022
A photograph of a small produce farm.

State of Climate Tech 2021

Scaling breakthroughs for net zero.

by Emma Cox, Leo Johnson, and Denise Chan
December 14, 2021