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Permissions and Reprints

The award-winning content of strategy+business is available to republish and distribute based on the terms and prices listed below.

Permissions contact:
For questions, please contact permissions manager:
Natasha J André
300 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Permission to distribute your own reprints of s+b articles:
s+b will provide an electronic PDF file for you to print or to share electronically
1–99 copies: $3.00 per copy
100–499 copies: $2.70 per copy
500–999 copies: $2.15 per copy
Reduced rates may apply for educational or non-profit institutions.

Hard-copy reprints provided by us:
If you wish to purchase hard copy reprints provided by us, please contact the permissions manager for pricing. For information on ordering customized reprints which are available on demand in a variety of options, including CD-ROM, click here.

To discuss any of the following or other special arrangements, please send an email with the details of your request to s+b’s permissions manager,

  • Syndication and high-volume republishing agreements
  • Magazines, textbooks or anthologies
  • Web posting (as html file)
  • Translations

PwC does not permit republishing strategy+business content that has been altered, reworded, or rebranded without our written permission.

All permissions are for one-time use and in no way constitute any form of licensing, unless otherwise expressly authorized by PwC.

Permissions fees may be settled by check or wire transfer. An invoice with payment instructions will be provided with the permissions license.